U.S. lawmakers and officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) highlighted the need to strengthen election security last week given fears of foreign interference in 2020. The Russian government exposed vulnerabilities in the American election infrastructure in 2016, and intelligence officials have warned that similar attacks — from Russia and other malign actors — are likely. In an interview, DHS Senior Adviser Matt Masterson outlined agency efforts to strengthen election security, including penetration tests and weekly vulnerability reports, but said that “resources remain a challenge” in providing broad infrastructure reforms. In Congress, Senators sent a letter to election system vendors lamenting “the lack of meaningful innovation in the election vendor industry” and the continued use of outdated voting machines that are sensitive to foreign hacking operations. ASD’s David Salvo and Josh Kirschenbaum have argued that efforts to secure election systems will need to be complemented by steps to pressure tech companies to secure their platforms, and by punitive measures to deter malign actors from future attempts at interference. (CNET, The Hill, NPR, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, ASD).

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