A Transatlantic Common Market.  A project for prosperity!

It has been discussed many times before, but the strong opinion on both sides of the Atlantic and the worldwide economic situation at this moment could very well speed up the creation of a transatlantic free trade common market. TTIP is discussed passionately in Europe and America, but we believe in a trade deal that benefits us all.

Combined with NAFTA (US, Canada, Mexico) and CETA (EU and Canada) TTIP forms a complete North-Atlantic Free Trade Zone with enormous potential. It is the strong opinion of the AMDOC Europe Foundation that this market of more than a billion affluent consumers would benefit both sides of the Atlantic.

Just imagine what it would mean to all the export oriented companies in Europe and in North America if all trade would be free, and if all tariffs and duties would seize to exist. And given the fact that the European and American economies are almost equal, the difficult side effects of jobs moving to low wages countries will not take place!

Protectionism is not the answer when dealing with a worldwide economic crisis. International trade is the answer. And removing unnecessary barriers is the key to success.

We hope you support the AMDOC Europe Foundation in pursuing this goal.

AMDOC promotes free trade across the Atlantic

Second step: Expand this market to people as well.

The free movement of people, not only within the European Union, but in the whole North Atlantic area could be a logical next step for the free trade zone. No more visa limitations between the European Union and North-America. Almost a billion people can go where they want, live where they want and work or establish businesses where they wish to do so. This also could boost the transatlantic economy in an enormous way.