America is still the shining city on a hill !

Just like Ronald Reagan said is, it still is

Friends of America unite in the Amdoc Europe Foundation

European politicians and media can be very critical about America and its president. But don’t let them fool you. America has a lot of friends in Europe. And they are fed up with all the criticism of America. Some people in Europe think America is just another country, comparable to totalitarian governed countries like Russia and China, with whom they want to have close trade deals as soon as possible. But we all know that America is not just another country. The nation is founded on democratic and humanitarian principles in 1776 and is since then a beacon of freedom and hope for all humanity.

Why are European countries so eager to be friends with China, Russia and Iran? Why are they forgetting what our strongest ally means to our freedom and prosperity in Europe?

America taxpayers have paid to long and too much for the European defense. European countries should as soon as possible pay their fair share as agreed upon in NATO.

Europe and the United States should soon negotiate a new trade deal, eliminating tariffs, but keep a level playing field and fairness in mind.

European Union and especially France must stop harassing American countries with extra taxes just out of some strange form of anti-Americanism.

Stop fantasizing about a European Union Army, with France and Germany as leading countries. We have NATO for that purpose. The North Atlantic alliance served us very well during many decades.

Accept that America is the leader of the Western World.