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No, we regret that this is a sports event.
But you are invited to join Amdoc just by reaching out to us.

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Corporate Membership. The annual dues for the corporate membership of the Amdoc Europe Foundation are € 400,- (EUR) or in $ 440.- (USD).

With this amount you support our goals. You receive all Amdoc publications and invitations for network gatherings with high level speakers.

Our goals are bold.

Our mission is clear.

We are ready to increase our presence in public opinion.

We are eager to go the distance for what we believe in!

We hope you agree with the importance of our work.

If you do, please support our organization financially!

Go for a simple but better trade agreement.

Your help is very welcome.

Maybe you are part of the 45,000 companies strong American-European business community. Maybe you are an exporter or you want to export overseas. Amdoc Europe could be the organization for you.

A Founding Member pays a onetime amount we agree upon and is a member for as long as the corporation exists.

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Donations are very welcome at ABN AMRO Bank

International account number (IBAN) NL18 ABNA 063 784 1778

No, membership will certainly not cost you this much!