The European – American Alliance

This message from the Amdoc Europe foundation could be of interest to you and your company. We promote European-American relations since 1996. Our parts of the world share a common history and we share values.

Are you worried about:

•             The rift between Europe and the United States?

•             The threat from China and Russia to our economy and freedom?

•             The threat of terrorism?

•             Trade wars?

•             Your export position as a manufacturing company?

•             The rise of anti-Americanism?

Then Amdoc has a message for you, because your worries are our worries.

We think that the European-American relationship has been very successful through the ages since the first colonists arrived at America’s shore. We share a common view of freedom, democracy, individual human rights, free trade and so on. In a time, the EU-US relationship is under attack from various sides we must stick together to protect our freedoms and our way of live and doing business.

We stand for:

– European-American partnership and friendship;

– Informing media and politicians about the EU-US perspective;

– Promoting America’s view of the world in Europe.

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Free Trade

The Amdoc Europe Foundation promotes Free Trade across the Atlantic. Free trade is the answer to fight an international economic crisis. Removing unnecessary barriers is the key to mutual success. There must be a fair and level playing ground of course, and that can be negotiated when talks about a Transatlantic Trade deal (TTIP) are picked up again. We can form a common market including North-America and Europe, by far the largest and strongest trade block worldwide. A successful trade block as alternative to the new China Silk Road.

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Amdoc chairman Jo spätgens meeting German Economics Minister Peter Altmaier in Berlin.

Shared values

We share not only our history, but values as well. We all know typical American values like Equality, individualism, competition and volunteerism. Combine this with freedom and democracy and you have a society that’s free, has a high moral and has the best starting point to achieve wealth and economic success.

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Trans-Atlantic Alliance / History

As said before, we share a lot of history. From the times Europeans arrived and started populating the North-American continent, to the Dutch founding New Amsterdam, now New York. When America’s thirteen colonies broke loose from Britain other European countries supported the new nation. Many millions of European immigrants arrived and did their share to build the great nation America now is. We fought two World Wars together (thanks for helping us twice) and together we stood steady during the Cold War. We share to much important history to let it slip easily.

American World War II cemetery in Margraten, The Netherlands. Final resting place for more then 8,000 heroes.

We are America’s voice in Europe

We speak out on behalf of our American friends. Amdoc Europe is the Europewide organization promoting American values and point of view. We do this because we believe in America and the principles the nation stands for. Freedom, peace, democracy, free trade, to name a few.

We speak out when anti-Americanism shows its ugly face. We speak out when media or politicians spread fake news and endanger the EU-US relationship.

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We really need your help

To do our work we need funding. We want to get the message out in Europe and in America. We want to step up our efforts to influence media and politics with our view of a great and free European-American cooperation.

We work in your interest to. We ask you to help us with a donation.

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We hope this message may inspire you to join our common cause and to support our goals.

Your contribution is very much appreciated.

Best regards,

The Amdoc Europe Foundation

Jo Spatgens, Chairman

Help us to make the American point in Europe.Please contribute and help us achieve our goals.

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If you for any reason do not wish to use the donate or contribute button, we welcome your donation at the following international bank account: NL 18 ABNA 0637 8417 78

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